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Beautiful Ceramic Wall Sconces for your interior or exterior decor. Custom made Sconces for your space. 


Thick fired ceramic and glazed solar powered or hard wired light with your house number cut out that will light up at night. . 

The (02) numbers in these pictures are 5 inches in height so you can get an idea of the size. 

The solar fixture is placed on the top. 

When mounted on a gate post or entry where there is no electricity during the day it will absorb the sun rays 4 to 6+ hours and charge the battery and after dark your cutout will light up for hours. 

This Item is to be "Mounted" on a Pole, Beam, Fence etc. (as shown in my pictures) so that it will get direct sunlight onto the top during the day and the solar can absorb the rays. This item is not meant to be placed on the ground where moisture will absorb from the bottom. OR be placed under Shade or Porch (unless it is Hardwired). 

You can select to have a Hardwire Outdoor Fixture installed instead of the Solar to be added to an electrical junction box. 


You can ask to have a design added to either side of the Sconce with the numbers along the middle as in the photo with the grape vines for an extra fee. Send me a message so we can work together and come up with the perfect design. 

Address Sconce

  • All sconces are handmade to order.

    Ready to ship in 6–8 weeks

    From Coyote, NM

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